Bringing You Unforgettable Fun
     If you're looking for some great entertainment for your family,  you have come to the right place.
From birthday parties to family events, we'll help you throw a memorable party that your guests will love and never forget.
Fully insured
     Your PRIVATE party includes        
  • 45 minutes of pony rides
  • Hands on with the farm animals 
  • Picnic area 
  • New Children's play area with a 70 foot zip line.
  • Refrigerator, cooler freezer on site
  • Indoor arena for rainy day
  • Country music 
  • Total 2  hours.
after approximately 15 children an additional horse can be added for  $70.00

We do not charge a  "per child" fee. 

 Party itinerary 

      Guest will park at the post at the top of the driveway. As they arrive they will be greeted and have a hands on experience with the farm animals including our NEW mini duck pond, 2 miniature horses, miniature donkey, miniature pot belly pig, miniature Nigerian goats, a box turtle, bunny, and numerous horses throughout the property.
    Children will enjoy our NEW play area with a 70 foot zip line, slide, orbit, rope swing, and sand box.  
    Then the horse comes out for 45 minutes, Each child will have a few turns riding the horse/pony posing for photo ops.  It is not typical of the children to wait in line. They can see the horse from the play area and petting farm, they usually bolt over for there turn when they see an opportunity coming  up. 
 Now it is time for the cake and ice cream.  We will gather your guest to the picnic area to celebrate with cake. Followed by children getting there last turn in the play area and saying there goodbyes to there favorite animals.       SLIDE SHOW

Call a day ahead to place your pizza orders
Danielle's Pizzeria  is an Italian style pizza  978-468-0188   CLOSED Sundays  
Hamilton House   Greek  style pizza  978-468-3955 Open Sundays

if you order pizza for  delivery arrange the delivery time for 1 hour  AFTER the START of your party.
The Pizza places we have chosen are very prompt and serving our guest since 2011


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